The Illinois Home Weatherization Program, administered by CEDA, has helped thousands of Cook County income-eligible residents save energy and money. Most homes waste energy, however, different types of homes have different energy issues. They all lose heat.

Home weatherization is always performed free of charge for approved homeowners. Approved rental properties require a 50% contribution for any work related to the heating system.

The services may include: limited moisture control; smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; air sealing structural cracks, homes and bypasses with weather stripping, foam and caulking; insulating attics, walls and floors; cleaning, tuning, repairing or replacing heating systems; electric base load measures such as installation of compact fluorescent lamps.

To apply, complete an application at any of the CEDA weatherization intake sites. To locate a site, call 1-800-571-2332, or go to

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