With the work along the creek and in Centerpoint Preserve underway, this year’s carnival and car show will still take place, just in different locations in the park.

The carnival, which runs from June 22 through June 24, will be set up in the area of Centerpoint which was not disturbed by the work, just west of the original location. The parking lot will also be available for use. The car show, which takes place on Sunday, June 24, will be held on the west baseball field of Grant Park, between Whitehall and Golfview.

Fireworks will be launched from the same location as last year, although the viewing area will be different, with the best spot being on the east side of the creek.

Everything should be back to normal for next year, along with the completion of all of the work.

On a related note, I am happy to report that Microsoft will be giving the City of Northlake a $35,000 grant for an outdoor fitness facility, which will be built in Centerpoint once the restoration work is complete. Octapharma Plasma is once again sponsoring the City’s fireworks display as well.

Lastly, the Public Works Department will begin installing new street name signs throughout the entire City. The new signs will replace the existing signs which were installed 25 years ago and are showing their age. The new signs will be blue with white lettering which will be larger and also more reflective. In order to keep costs in line, no additional artwork, such as the City seal, has been added to the signs. In addition, every effort will be made to install the signs on existing streetlights or utility poles, not only to keep costs down, but to eliminate additional clutter.

Please have a safe summer and I hope to see you out at the fireworks display.