Addison Creek Update

The work on the Addison Creek channel through Centerpoint Preserve was completed in July. The remainder of the trees will be planted in the fall when the weather is better suited for newly planted trees. The native grasses are taking hold, and will be filled in as needed in the fall as well. Work on restoring the fields will be completed over the remainder of the summer in time for fall seeding. When things start to bloom next spring the entire park and creek area will finally take shape as a completed picture.

One of the most notable changes has been in the water quality in the Creek. What used to be algae choked stagnant pools of water have been transformed into a free flowing stream with clearer water. This was accomplished with the removal of the 2 dams which were built as part of the Westward Ho Golf Course in the 1920’s to create water hazards. The dams certainly served their purpose creating water hazards, but also caused the water to stagnate and silt to accumulate which further degraded the water quality.

While the Creek will never be a pristine country stream, the end result with free flowing water and increased capacity will certainly enhance Centerpoint preserve for generations to come.

Speaking of enhancements, plans are being completed for the construction of an outdoor fitness center on the west side of the creek near Whitehall. This new facility was made possible as a result of a $35,000 grant to the City by Microsoft as well as the $65,000 received by the City from the contractors working on the Microsoft expansion for renting the parking lot at Centerpoint for part of this year and last year. We hope to begin construction on this project this year.

Our community has a unique asset in Centerpoint Preserve which many communities wish they had. My sincere thanks goes to the previous administration of Mayor Reid Paxson for securing this parcel for the residents of Northlake. Our mission is to make sure that this will remain a “crown jewel” among Northlake’s many assets.


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