Administrative Hearings

Local Hearings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers for all local fines and tickets.  To pay your City violation/ticket

Traffic tickets/violations are processed at the Maybrook Court House

Aircraft noise

The City of Northlake is a member of the O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission or ONCC.

  • The ONCC partners with O’Hare International Airport, airlines, FAA and others to reduce aircraft noise within the O’Hare region
  • Manages one of the largest and oldest school sound insulation programs in the world
  • Supervises the nation’s leading residential sound insulation program
  • Monitors the Fly Quiet Program to reduce nighttime aircraft noise over residential areas
  • Meets with federal and state leaders to address aircraft noise issues through legislation
  • Advocates research programs that advance quieter aircraft technology
  • Investigates aircraft noise trends using a state-of-the-art airport noise management systems
  • Initiates dialogue on aircraft noise issues through community outreach, education programs and information channels
  • Promotes land use compatibility studies for O’Hare communities to foster sound economic deveopment

REPORT AIRCRAFT NOISE VIA INTERNET:  Aircraft noise intruding on your daily life?  You can quickly report an incident on an Internet-based complaint form designed by the Chicago Department of Aviation.  Go to to quickly reach the complaint site and to save the form as a bookmark.

O’Hare Noise Hotline 800-435-9569

Callers should be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Approximate time of noise event
  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Type of disturbance

Animal Control Program

  • The City of Northlake provides a cage to trap animals such as opossums, skunks, raccoons, groundhogs, etc.
  • A deposit of $60.00 is required for the use of the cage, which will be refunded when the cage is returned.
  • Please stop by Public Works to request a cage and fill out a form.  There is a (30) thirty-day limit for the rental of the cage.
  • Call Public Works for removal of a trapped animal.

Beat Officer Program

A team of officers are permanently assigned to each ward of the City to address quality of life issues.

Block Party Policies

  1. Written requests are to be forwarded to the Clerk’s office. Block Party Form
  2.  An application must be completed and returned to the Clerk’s office at least 2 weeks in advance. The application includes signatures of 51% of the block residents to show approval of the event. There is no charge for this service.
  3. The City will provide barricades and one port-a-potty per block upon request with a limited supply.
  4. No block parties will be approved during Northlake Days, which are generally held on the last weekend of June.
  5. All music must stop at 10:00 pm. The party must be over at 11:00 pm. All debris and garbage must be cleaned up. There must be a 20ft. pathway maintained in the event of an emergency at all times. The police department and fire department will be notified of your party.

Branch Pick-Up

  1. Branches are picked up at the curb once (1) a month, beginning April 1st through November 1st.
  2. Branches are picked up the first Monday of each month.
  3. Please have your branches out the week prior to the first Monday of the month to avoid being missed.

Building Permits

Building Permit

Contractors License App

Electrical Permit

Plumbing Permit

Presale Inspection Residential

Presale Inspection Commercial

Building permits are required, but not limited to the following constructions.  You may view City Ordinances online.

  1. Additions
  2. Adding a bathroom
  3. Basement remodeling
  4. Bathroom remodeling
  5. Sewer cleanouts
  6. Driveways:  concrete, asphalt or brick pavers
  7. Demolition: structures and interior gutting
  8. Dormers
  9. Doors:  exterior replacement, adding or changing size
  10. Decks including porches and accessibility ramps
  11. Electric:  service upgrades, adding circuits or equipment
  12. Fences:  new fences and replacement of old fences
  13. Flood control systems
  14. Patio concrete and brick pavers
  15. Gutter replacement
  16. Houses- new construction
  17. Kitchen remodeling
  18. Lawn irrigation systems
  19. Patio concrete and brick pavers
  20. Plumbing replacement or additions
  21. Roofs:  tear offs and re-shingling
  22. Roofs over entrance doors, patios, decks or porches
  23. Sewer lines and connections
  24. Sheds
  25. Siding
  26. Sidewalks concrete or brick pavers
  27. Swimming pools and swimming pool decks
  28. Window:  replacement, adding or changing size
  29. Water line and connections


Can the Police Department check my home while I am on vacation?

Yes!  Fill out the Vacant Home Check application and return it to the police department.

Child Safety Seat Inspection/Installation

Certified Officer Technician is available.  Call the Department for an appointment.

Citizens Police Academy

Conducted each fall.  Learn how the Department operates.  Contact Department for information (residents only).

Code Enforcement

Enforcement of all City ordinances and building codes.

Crime Prevention Programs

  • Security surveys are available for home and business.
  • Police experts available to address neighborhood groups or businesses on most topics of concern.  Call the Department for details.

Disabilities Parking Placards

Definition: Persons with disabilities (625ILCS 5/1-159.1)
“A natural person who, as determined by a licensed physician: (1) cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest; (2) cannot walk without the use of, or assistance from, a brace, can, crutch, another person, prosthetic device, wheelchair, or other assistive device; (3) is restricted by lng disease to such an extent that this or her forced (respiratory) expiratory volume for one second, when measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than 60mm/hg on room air at rest; (4) uses portable oxygen; (5) has a cardiac condition to the extent that the person’s functional limitations are classified in severity as Class III or Class IV, according to standards set by the American Heart Association; or (6) is severely limited in the person’s ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition.”
If you meet this definition, then have your physician complete the front part of the Disability parking placard application and return it to City Hall.

Dog Park Permits / Pet Licenses

Elderly Services Officer

The Department has officers specially trained to meet the needs of our elderly or retired citizens.

Electronics Recycling / Collection

  1. The City of Northlake provides year round collection of electronics.  We collect anything with a cord, except appliances.
  2. Drop items off at Public Works Monday – Friday, 7:00am-3:30pm.
  3. Items not accepted for drop off include:  refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, oversized copiers.


Starting January 4, 2016

You must purchase a sticker for $5.00 for recycling TV’s and Monitors.  The sticker must be affixed to these items before you take them to Public Works.  Only Northlake residents can take their electronic recycling to the Public Works Facility.

All other electronic items will continue to be accepted at no charge.

$5.00 Sticker Required                             


Computer Monitors

No Charge  




Answering Machines

Cellular Phones

Fax Machines

Vcr And Dvd Players

Stereo Equipment

Software Disks, Cds, Tapes.

Items not accepted:  Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners, microwaves, oversized copiers.


  • Fingerprinting for citizenship of Northlake residents.
  • Child identification.

Free Mulch

Public Works provides free mulch to residents. Residents can call to have mulch delivered by the yard. Type of mulch? Branches that are picked up through out the City are then turned into mulch.

Garage Sale Permits

  1. The City of Northlake allows two Garage Sales per year, per residence.
  2. Sales are limited to a three (3) day consecutive period and shall be conducted only during the hours of 9:00am – 6:00pm.
  3. There is no fee for the permit.
  4. Persons posting advertising signs for a sale must remove the signs within 24 hours after the sale, or be subject to a ticket.
  5. No sales may be conducted in the front yard or on any public sidewalk, parkway area or other public property.
  6. NOTE:  The City of Northlake sponsors a city-wide garage sale one weekend in September every year.  If you participate, registration is requested.
  7. A permit is required at no cost to the resident.

Garbage and Recycling Collection

    1. Garbage and Recycling gets picked up every Friday.
    2. 96 Gallon Garbage Carts Recycling Carts are to be placed curbside after 5pm on Thursday.
    3. If there is a major holiday any day during the week (Monday-Friday) refuse, recycling and yard waste will be collected on Saturday.
    4. Large amounts of building materials such as wood, bricks/blocks, concrete, fencing, rocks, mud, clay, shingles and gutters will not be collected by the refuse hauler.
    5. Special arrangements for these items must be made by contacting Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 844-633-3577.
    6. Additional bins are available for $7.50 a month, for a minimum of 6 months.  Extra Garbage Cart Form

Solid Waste and Recycling Program Guide

This guide is designed to provide you with a quick and easy reference to the recycling and solid waste services available for City of Northlake residents. General information on household waste and yard waste service is found on the first foldout. The inside foldout contains a complete reference guide for recycling, explaining the different types of recyclable materials and how to prepare them for pickup.

Waste Sticker Vendors

          • City Hall, 55 E. North Avenue, Northlake
          • Jewel Osco, 10201 Grand Avenue, Franklin Park
          • Walgreens, 6 E. North Avenue, Northlake
          • Neighborhood Foods (Roy & Fullerton)
          • Public Works

For additional information on services available:

Lakeshore Recycling Systems –  844-633-3577

Lakeshore Recycling System

City of Northlake
55 E. North Ave.
Northlake, Illinois 60164
(708) 343-8700

Graffiti Removal

Removal within 48 hours of report.

Handyman Services

Handyman Program

Proviso Township The Handyman Program, a part of Senior Services in Proviso Township, is available to homeowners over age 60 residing in the township. For a $5.00 fuel fee, the    handyman will visit your home and make small repairs, charging only for the cost of any needed parts. The handymen, are available by appointment . Call 708-547-4001.

Leyden Township Handyman for residents North of North Ave. For Senior Citizens and the disabled, from changing a light bulb to replacing cabinet hinges, no job is too small. The service is free, however, reimbursement for parts is required. Call for more information: 847-455-8616

Hazardous Waste

  1. Old latex paint can be put out with regular garbage only if the paint is completely dried.
  2. Hazardous waste can not be disposed of in your regular weekly garbage collection.
  3. Examples of Hazardous waste can be found at Earth911 and for information regarding the locations of drop off sites in or near Northlake.
  4. Visit the Illinois EPA website for further information about Hazardous Waste.

How do I report a crime?

  • The police need to have accurate information, as quickly as possible, about suspicious activity or crime in-progress.
  • If the call you are making is a crime in-progress or if the suspicious activity turns into a crime in-progress – DIAL 9-1-1.
  •  Dial 9-1-1 and calmly identify yourself and the location where the incident is actually occurring, and whether the crime is in-progress or had just occurred.
  • Advise the dispatcher what the circumstances are that make you believe a crime is occurring or an activity is suspicious.
  •  Provide the most complete description of the person(s) or vehicle(s) that you can.  If possible write down the license plate(s) number immediately.  Do not trust your memory.
  •  If you are reporting an incident/crime that has already occurred and the offender is not at the scene, than you should call (708) 344-2128.
  •  If an officer does not need to be at the scene (such as your residence for crime scene processing, confirming damage, etc.)  then, if it is more convenient for you, you may come into the police station.



  1. Contractors, including, but not limited to general, electric, carpentry, roofing, masonry, etc.
  2. Food delivery trucks.
  3. Ice cream trucks-frozen products only
  4. Ice cream pushcarts-frozen products only
  5. Retail, commercial and industrial businesses located in the City of Northlake.
  6. Vending machines.

Notary Service

  1. The City of Northlake provides free notary services to its residents Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm at City Hall.
  2. Identification is required.
  3. You must sign your document in the presence of the Notary.

NPDES Compliance Documentation 2016

National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is a permit program to control water pollution by regulating point sources that discharge pollutants into waters of the United States.

Polluted stormwater runoff is commonly transported through municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s), and then often discharged, untreated, into local water bodies.  An MS4 is a conveyance or system of conveyances that is:

  • owned by a state, city, town, village, or other public entity that discharges to waters of the U.S.,
  • designed or used to collect or convey stormwater (e.g., storm drains, pipes, ditches),
  • not a combined sewer, and
  • not part of a sewage treatment plant, or publicly owned treatment works (POTW).

To prevent harmful pollutants from being washed or dumped into specific types of MS4s, operators are required to obtain an NPDES permit and develop a stormwater management program plan (SMPP).  The City of Northlake is an MS4 operator under the IEPA’s General Permit for Discharges.

A copy of the 2016 IEPA Notice of Intent can be found here:  NOI Link

A copy of the City of Northlake Year 13 Annual Report can be found here and all previous annual reports can be found in the SMPP: Annual Report Link

City of Northlake Stormwater Management Program Plan:  SMPP

City of Northlake Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination Program: IDDE Link

Report a Concern

Contact the City of Northlake regarding problems with drainage features or illegal dumping into the storm sewer system.  You can report anonymously here:  Public Works 708-562-0940

Climate change description and link:  Climate change refers to any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time.  Climate change includes major changes in temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns, among other effects, that occur over several decades or longer.  As a requirement of the City’s general NPDES Permit ILR40, consideration of impacts and effects of climate change on storm water, storm water controls, flood management and BMP implementation.  A link to the EPA’s climate change website is located here:

Important Links:

After the Storm – A Citizen’s Guide to Managing Stormwater

Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff

Drainage Around Your Home


Pet Neutering Rebate

You don’t need to miss an opportunity to help control the pet population in our area!  The City of Northlake will give you $20.00 for neutering your dog or cat at any time during the year.  Just bring proof of the neutering from your vet into Northlake City Hall after your pet has been neutered and we’ll send you a check for the $20.00.  Cook Count also participates in “February is National Spay/Neuter Month“.  Contact your veterinarian to see if they participate in this program.

Picnic Permits

Picnic Permits are needed for picnics at Centerpoint Preserve.

Police Reports

The records department is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  You will need to submit a written Freedom of Information Act Request (click here for a PDF copy of a Request Form for the Police Department). You can return the completed form in person, by mail or by fax at 708/344-2323. If sent by mail, the request should be sent to:  Freedom of Information Officer, City of Northlake, 55 East North Avenue, Northlake ,Illinois 60164.  All requests will be processed and responded to within five business days.  All fees for copies of reports are listed on the Freedom of Information Act request form and all checks should be made payable to the City of Northlake. Requests for Traffic Crash reports require a $5.00 administrative fee per state law.

Restaurant Inspections

The Cook County Department of Public Health inspects all the restaurants in Northlake.

The food establishments are inspected two times a year, more often if necessary. The rating is determined by inspecting 45 different food preparation and safety items. Some of the items are more critical to health and safety than others.

If an establishment gets a low rating, they have 24 hours to correct it. Then the Cook County Department of Public Health re-inspects to make sure they have made the necessary changes.

The following ratings apply:

90% or above is equivalent to an A rating

80% or above is equivalent to a B rating

70% or above is equivalent to a C rating

70% or below is failing

These may change after new inspections. You can review a complete health inspection report, or at City Hall in Northlake. Health inspections are conducted by the Cook County Health Department.

If you have a complaint about one of the restaurants in Northlake, please complete the Cook County Department of Public Health complaint form.

Sandy Vasquez Center Rental

Sandra Vasquez Community Center

Sandra Vasquez Community Center, located at 316 N. LaPorte, is available for rentals for showers, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc. Rentals are available every day, except December 31. Rentals are for 9 hours. The facility is available for parties up to 100 people.

There are 7 tables that are 54 inches long and 12 tables that are 96 inches long.

Contact City Hall, 708-343-8700, Monday through Friday 9 to 5, or Saturday 9 to 12, for additional information on availability and rental prices.

School Resource Officer

Full-time officer assigned to West Leyden High School.

Sewer Back-up

The Department of Public Works maintains the City main sewers on a regular basis to assure that flows are unrestricted.  If your home experiences sewer back-up, you can call Public Works to have the line power jetted.  In order for Public Works to power jet the line, there must be an external clean out available.  Common causes of sewer back-ups are tree roots or other blockage.  If the problems continue on a regular basis, we recommend having it checked by an insured plumbing/sewer contractor )permits are required).  The City is not responsible for the sewer line from your home to the City main.

Sidewalk Replacement

Sidewalks that are determined to be in poor condition may be replaced at the discretion of the City.

Snow Removal / Grass Cutting Program


  1. Snow removal as well as grass cutting is available for senior citizens and disable home owners who require assistance in clearing their driveways for snowfalls in excess of 2″ or assistance in cutting grass.  There is a fee for this service.
  2. Applications for both programs are available at City Hall, in the Northlake City Newspaper or print  Snow Removal Program or Grass Cutting Form
  3. The City Clerk will review and approve all applications.
  4. The applications for both of these programs need to be filled out annually.
  5. If you do not have a doctor’s note filed at City Hall, you will need to submit a doctor’s verification note stating why you cannot cut the grass or shovel snow.
  6. There can be no person living at your residence that is able to do these activities.
  7. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these programs, please call Public Works at 708-562-0940.

Social Services

The Police Department works with Leyden Family Services on a 24-hour per day availability.

Solicitation Licenses

Licenses must be obtained from the Police Department. Solicitors are required to apply for a Solicitation License at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date in which the license shall be effective. Applicants must provide proof of Liability Insurance. The License period may be approved for 30 days.

Stray Dogs or Lost/Found Dogs

Stray Dogs

Please call the Northlake Police Department at 708-531-5755.

Lost/Found Dogs

While City Ordinance prohibits dogs from running at large the Northlake Police Department attempts to identify and return such dogs through owner identification located on a dog collar or by a properly registered identification chip located on the dog.  When a dog is located and current owner information cannot be obtained, or an owner cannot be contacted for retrieval, the dog is transported to the Animal Care League in Oak Park, Illinois.  For information on a dog possibly transported to the animal shelter or to report or list a dog as running at large, please call the Police Department at 708-531-5755.

It is important to know that a dog running at large may wander into a neighboring community and be relocated to that community’s selected animal shelter.  Owners may wish to contact neighboring communities when searching for their lost dog. It is also important to know that Police Departments and Animal Shelters are not always successful in locating an ownership chip on a dog or the chip has not been properly registered.

For animal shelter information, contact the Animal Care League Lost/Found Hotline is 708-848-0172.

Tree Planting Program

  1. The City of Northlake plants parkway trees twice a year.
  2. Parkway trees are generally planted at a resident’s request.
  3. A variety of tree species are planted.
  4. Call Public Works to find out which trees are available and to request a parkway tree.

Tree Pruning

  1. Parkway trees are pruned for safety, health, uniformity and aesthetic value.
  2. Dead and weak branches are removed to prevent the spread of decay to the rest of the tree and to decrease the changes of storm damage.
  3. In order to obtain adequate clearance over streets and sidewalks, low hanging branches are pruned.
  4. Please call Public Works if the parkway tree needs to be pruned.

Tree Removal

  1. The City of Northlake’s ongoing efforts to ensure the health, safety and aesthetic value of the parkway trees sometimes requires removal.
  2. The three most common causes for tree removal are infectious disease, structural weakness from decay and tree death.
  3. Tree located on the City’s right-of-way cannot be trimmed or removed without permission from the Public Works Department.
  4. The right-of-way is generally the area 20 feet behind the curb.
  5. For removal of trees on private property, the property owner will need to contact a licensed and insured Arborist/Tree Trimming Service.

Truck Permits

The City of Northlake has entered into an agreement with Oxcart Permit Systems effective February 1, 2016 for overweight and oversize vehicle permits.  This system offers applicants a simple and effective way to obtain permits in a timely manner.  To set up an account and/or obtain a permit visit and click on the “Trucking” tab. Once the application is electronically submitted, it will be reviewed by our Records Division during normal business hours. Upon approval, the applicant will receive notice of approval via email.  The City of Northlake permit fee is $100 and the Oxcart processing fee is $16.06.

Vehicle Lock Out Service

Lock Out Service

Vehicle Stickers

The City of Northlake does not issue Residential Vehicle Stickers.

Vehicle Sticker-Commercial

Every business must provide a vehicle sticker for each vehicle registered to or housed at an address within the city limits of Northlake.  Vehicle stickers typically go on sale beginning in mid-May each year and must be displayed in the lower passenger side corner of the windshield no later than June 30th.  Vehicles that do not have a sticker displayed by June 30th are subject to citation.

A vehicle shall be considered to be used for commercial purposes if the vehicle is registered to a corporation or other business entity, or if the vehicle is housed in the City of Northlake displaying a business name or information on the vehicle.

Regardless of where the vehicle is garaged, stored or driven, if the vehicle has been registered to a City of Northlake address, a vehicle sticker must be purchased for that vehicle.

The address on the registration determines which community you must purchase a sticker for.  The address used for the registration of the car with the Secretary of State’s office is the one that determines which community’s ordinances must be followed.  If that registration address is in Northlake, a sticker must be purchased.

The license fees are to be paid every year to the City Clerk and shall be as follows:

Leased passenger vehicles                      $  25.00

B plate                                                         $  50.00

D plate                                                         $  80.00

F plate                                                         $100.00

All plates over F                                        $150.00

Per Northlake city code, the fee for stickers not purchased prior to August 15 shall be the cost of the license fee plus fifty percent (50%) of said license fee according to the plate type. (Section 6-1-5 of the Northlake City Code)

Vicious Dogs


Voter Registration

Eligibility for registration is:

  1. Must be a United States citizen.
  2. Must be 18 years old by the date of the next election.
  3. Reside at your present address for 30 days or more prior to an election.
  4. Must not be incarcerated or wearing an electronic monitor.
  5. Cannot claim the right to vote anywhere else.
  6. The City of Northlake requires two items for proof of residency, i.e. driver’s license, water bill, etc.
  7. new residents with a current registration card may transfer their registration by mail or re-register at the City of Northlake.
  8. If it is close to an election, the City Clerk will be able to tell you your polling place
  9. Absentee ballots are generally available 3 weeks prior to an election.
  10. You may visit the Suburban Cook Count Clerk’s website for further information about registering and voting

Yard Waste Collection

  1. Yard waste should be placed in a 32-gallon plastic container (not more than 60 lbs) marked “Yard Waste” or in biodegradable, 32-gallon paper bags.  Plastic containers are NOT provided by the City.
  2. You can pick up a sticker/decal at Public Works or City Hall to mark your container.  These are FREE!
  3. Yard waste material includes:  grass clippings, bush trimmings, weeds, leaves, small branches and twigs and gardening waste.
  4. Yard Waste pick-up runs from April 1st through November 30th.

Water, Sewer & Refuse Billing

  1. Water, sewer and refuse bills are sent out every two months.
  2. Any bill paid late will be assessed a late fee.
  3. The bill can be paid in any number of ways:  by mail, in person, in the City drop box which is located behind City Hall, automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account, on our website or you can call our electronic payment center at 866-570-9825.
  4. Questions regarding your bill should be directed to the Water Billing Department at 708-343-8700
  5. For New Residents, please fill out New Resident Water Billing Application and submit to City Hall Water Billing Department.

When should I call the police?


  •  you or a family member are the victim(s) of a crime
  •  when you have a reason to believe that violence against person(s) or against oneself is imminent
  •  when you observe any person who seems to have no purpose wandering the neighborhood
  •  you observe a vehicle(s) moving slowly, without lights, with no apparent destination, or repeatedly driving through the area
  •  solicitors not displaying a city permit
  •  any unusual or suspicious noises, including breaking glass, screams or pounding
  •  any person appears suspiciously out of place, for instance a stranger at the back of your neighbor’s house or garage
  •  a stranger in a car beckoning a child
  •  a child resisting the advances of an adult

NOTE:  You are not asked if you are a United States Citizen or legal resident when reporting a crime to the police or are the victim of a crime.