City desk

Vacant Property on Mannheim Redeveloped

The property located at 2100 Mannheim, better known as the former site of Shur-Fine Foods, will be redeveloped as a Jet-Brite Car Wash. The property was vacant and had unpaid taxes of over $1 million dollars. The building had been broken into, vandalized and stripped for valuable metal. Squatters had taken up residence and the property became overgrown and was subject to “fly dumping” of various materials.

The City of Northlake stepped in, securing the property, clearing the overgrowth and debris, expending approximately $14,000 in the process. This amount was reduced to a lien which was foreclosed upon. At the foreclosure sale, the City bid the amount of the lien and was able to wipe out the back taxes as well, resulting the City’s ownership of the property.

Jet Brite carwash approached the City and an agreement was reached to sell the property for $1.3 million. In addition, the purchasers agreed to pay the City an additional $15,000 to demolish the building down to the slab. The City realized $1,400 from the sale of the common brick, $15,000 from scrap metal and also recovered approximately $16,000 worth of gravel from crushing the concrete block, face brick and miscellaneous concrete. A set of double doors were relocated to the pump station and a large monument type sign which was relocated to the City Centre building on Wolf Road were both also salvaged from the location before demolition.

The sale closed on August 11. The proceeds of the sale, $1.3 million, have been placed in a separate fund and will be used to fund projects which will have a lasting impact on the City for future generations, such as major infrastructure investments having a long lifespan. We did not want to place the money in the general fund where it might be tempting to spend it on current expenses as was done with the sale of the parking meters in a large City to the east. We want to have something to show for this good fortune.

We are look forward to the parcel becoming fully developed, which, along with the Speedway development across the street, will hopefully spur further positive development on Mannheim Road.