City Desk

Mayor Jeffrey T. Sherwin

   On March 7, the City Council approved a program to help the owners of  owner occupied single family homes and two flats defray a portion of the costs of providing protection from the back up sewage in the basement.

There are three basic options available to address the problem of sewage backups from gravity fed sewers:

  • Installation of an overhead sewer system;
  • Installation of an interior or exterior backflow prevention valve and bypass pump;
  • Lift station system in an inside or outside underground vault.’

A licensed plumber can help you determine which option best serves your needs.

Under the program, the City will pay for 50% of the cost of the system up to $2,000. The City is allocating the sum of $50,000 for this program in 2016, and all applications are on a first come first serve basis. Any application not funded in 2016 will be carried over to 2017.

Applications for this program are available at City Hall. This program has been successful in surrounding communities and we are looking forward to a successful program as well.

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