3 Referendums on November Ballot

Should the City of Northlake assist with efforts to detach that portion of Northlake Lying south of North Avenue from Proviso Township High School District 209 so that the entire City will be in the same high school district?  This referendum asks if the City of Northlake should assist those residents living south of North Avenue detach from the Proviso High School District and join the Leyden High School District.

Shall the City of Northlake allow the serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages
at gas stations within the City of Northlake? Almost every gas station in Northlake has requested video poker and gaming machines. Under state law, such machines can only be placed in businesses that serve alcohol for consumption on the premises. This question asks if you think serving alcohol at gas stations should be allowed.

Should the City of Northlake consider the purchase of electric vehicles provided that such purchase does not increase the cost of any vehicle by more than ten percent (10%)? This question asks if you think the City of Northlake should make the investment in electric vehicles in the future.


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