2020 Infrastructure Program

The 2020 Infrastructure Program is underway this spring. Projects to be accomplished are:

  1. Replacement of 4 inch water main on Dewey Avenue between LaPorte and Roy, followed by street resurfacing.
  2. Resurfacing of the North Avenue frontage roads from Walgreen’s to Wisdom II Senior Building and from Gail Avenue to Prater Avenue.
  3. Replacement of water main on 43rd Avenue from Morse Drive to Hirsch Avenue, followed by street resurfacing.
  4. Resurfacing of North Avenue frontage road in front of Aldi including widening of intersection at Frontage Road and Hillside
  5. Replacement of 4 inch water main on Geneva Avenue from Fullerton to Palmer, followed by street resurfacing
  6. Lining of 12 inch water main on Roberta Avenue from Fullerton to Palmer, followed by street resurfacing
  7. Additional lighting at Roy School on Palmer and Dewey
  8. Additional lighting on Fullerton Avenue and King Arthur Parkway from Wolf Road to Addison Creek
  9. Rehabilitation of 500,000 gallon water tower on Northwest Avenue by toll way
  10. Rehabilitation of 1,000,000 gallon reservoir at the Public Works building
  11. Replacement of the Prater Avenue bridge over Addison Creek
  12. Replacement of the Lemoyne Avenue bridge over Addison Creek
  13. Replacement of the King Arthur Parkway bridge over Addison Creek
  14. Resurfacing of Altgeld and Montana Avenues
  15. Water main lining under UP tracks
  16. Gas Company replacing 25,000 feet of gas main.
  17. Lining of sewer on Northwest Avenue
  18. New parking lot for Roy School by District #83.

As you can see, the 2020 season will be quite busy. Infrastructure maintenance and improvement is an ongoing process which must be attended to on a regular basis, just like home or car maintenance. Neglect in these areas will lead to a larger expense down the road. We are extremely fortunate that the City of Northlake is able to have such a robust program every year, which is accomplished through prudent fiscal management and leveraging of State and Federal funding sources.

These projects were programmed last year with money set aside for this purpose. Next year’s infrastructure program may be reduced  in scope, depending on the final effect the corona virus pandemic has on this year’s budget.

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