City Desk by Mayor Jeffrey T. Sherwin

2019 Infrastructure Program

The 2019 infrastructure program will be getting underway in mid-summer. The majority of work will consist of street resurfacing with the following streets in the program:

Geneva Avenue;  Roy Avenue (north of North Avenue);  Roberta (north of Fullerton: from North Avenue to Belle); Country Club Drive;  Parkview Drive;  200 block of South Harold; Roads in Centerpoint Preserve; Melrose Avenue.

In addition, both small parking lots at Centerpoint will be reconstructed with permeable pavers. Another section of alley behind the businesses on West Lake Street will be reconstructed in concrete as will the alley behind North Avenue businesses once the Wisdom Village II Senior Building is completed. The frontage road in front of Aldi will be resurfaced once the Aldi expansion is complete as will the sections of the frontage road near City Hall.

A storm water management area is being completed along Addison Creek in the vicinity of Rhodes and Diversey and work should be beginning on the outdoor fitness center along the Midland Trail at Whitehall. Additional lighting will be installed along the west side of Wolf Road from Whitehall to Automatic Electric Drive and also along the new additions to Midland Trail.

The City is in the process of finalizing an EPA low interest loan to fund the cost of rebuilding the main pumping station on Morse Drive; rehabbing the water tower on Northwest Avenue; extending a water main along Grand Avenue from Sandra Avenue to Garnet Drive and other miscellaneous improvements. 2019 will be a busy year and work for 2020 is in the planning stages.

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