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2017 Infrastructure Program Approved by City Council

On September 12, the City Council approved the 2017 Infrastructure Improvement Program which will consist of replacement of 75 year old 4 inch water mains with 8 inch ductile iron water mains on the following streets:  Charles, N. Marilyn, N. Caryl, Williams, Edward, 300 block of Belle.

Point repairs will be made to the sanitary sewers on all of these streets as well as concrete repairs after which the streets will be resurfaced.

In addition, MacArthur Drive, Hays Drive, the 100 block of S. prater, the 300 block of Dewey and Victoria Drive will also be resurfaced.

Prior to resurfacing, point repairs to the sanitary sewer and concrete repairs to curbs and sidewalks will be made.

Work is anticipated to begin in spring and be finished around Labor Day.


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