City Desk

The Northlake City Council awarded the contract for the 2017 Infrastructure Improvement Program to A. Lamp Construction Company. A Lamp was the low bidder on this project coming in at $3,119,934.08. A total of 9 bids were received ranging from the highest at $3,953,789.10 to A Lamp’s winning bid. A Lamp also did the work on the 2016 water main and street repaving project.

This year’s project will be replacing 75 year old 4 inch cast iron water mains with 8 inch ductile iron water mains on the following streets:  Charles, North Marilyn, North Caryl, William, Edward and the 300 block of Belle.

In addition to the water main work, the sanitary sewers have been televised and point repairs will be done where necessary. After this work is done, the streets will be resurfaced with repairs being made to curbs and sidewalks where necessary.

In addition to the water main work, South Prater, Victoria Drive, MacArthur, Hayes and the 300 block of Dewey will be resurfaced as well.

Planning for the 2018 infrastructure improvement work is underway. In addition to water main replacement, resurfacing of several streets, including Wolf Road north of North Avenue is contemplated.